We know that Jesus is the head of His Body, the Church, and we also see in Scripture that He appoints men to oversee and care for local expressions of the church throughout the world. The terminology used in the Bible for this position or office is threefold: overseer/bishop, elder, and pastor.  These three terms are used interchangeably and synonymously in the New Testament as they display different aspects of the same position and responsibilities. For example, Peter uses elder, overseer, and shepherd in his exhortation to leaders in 1 Peter 5:1–2. We hold that the New Testament describes elders as pastors and overseers who are to shepherd the flock of God, protect the flock, watch for and guard against wolves, be examples to the flock, visit and pray for the sick, exercise oversight in the church, take care of the church, preach and teach in the church, exhort in sound doctrine, and refute those who contradict. We also see these passages speaking directly to men who are to be in this position in the local church (1 Timothy 3:1-13, Titus 1:6-9). This leads us to believe only in male eldership. We still greatly value women as equal, not lesser, partners in the gospel at Redemption Church. Women are encouraged and accepted in all areas of service and leadership in the church that we clearly see in Scripture (Acts 18:26, Romans 16:1), but this excludes women from being pastors and elders.


The second position mentioned in the New Testament is that of the Deacon, which is simply translated as “servant.” The qualifications listed in Scripture for deacons don’t include any particular gifting or ability, only a standard of character and spiritual integrity. The term deacon itself leads us to conclude that they are the ones who carry out practical ministerial and administrative duties in the church.

As stated in the description of Elders/Pastors above, we greatly value women as equal, not lesser, partners in the gospel at Redemption Church. Though we do not recognize women as pastor/elders, women are encouraged and accepted in all areas of service and leadership in the church including that of Deacon. We believe there is valid claim for this position in Scripture (1 Timothy 3:11–13; Romans 16:1–2),   and we believe that women can and should serve as deacons.

Pastor Daniel and his wife Laura moved to Florida in 2011 from Olympia, Washington. They have 2 beautiful children and have served in ministry together since they married in 2003. Daniel grew up in Tacoma, Washington where his father pastored at Calvary Chapel of Tacoma. At 16 years old, Daniel heard God’s call in his life to repent from his sin and follow after Him. He began to study the Word of God for himself at that time and developed a love for teaching the Bible to his peers. 

Daniel met his wife, Laura, in their church youth group during their senior year of high school. Daniel graduated from the University of Washington in 2004 with his business degree, but began working on staff at Calvary Chapel in Olympia, Washington soon after. Daniel remained on staff for 7 years as the high school youth pastor and worship pastor when God spoke to him and told him to move his family to Delray Beach, Florida to start a church. God was faithful to His promises to them, and in faith, they moved in August, 2011 to start Redemption Church Delray Beach. 

Daniel has a heart for pointing people to Jesus and making disciples. He believes that God speaks through His Word and so he is passionate about teaching the Bible and seeing people’s lives transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Andre is married to Angela Amirato and is a father to 2 wonderful boys, Lucas and Elias.  Andre has been serving faithfully at Redemption Church since 2014. Andre serves in various capacities at Redemption Church including leading a community group, overseeing our Middle School Ministry, and serving on the Leadership Board of Redemption Church.

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Laura moved to Florida with her husband, Daniel, and 2 children in 2011 from Olympia, Washington to start Redemption Church. Laura serves as our Children’s Ministry Director and oversees the training, coordinating, curriculum, and scheduling of Redemption Kids. She cares deeply about teaching children God's Word in a fun, loving, and Jesus-centered way, and for raising up others to do the same.

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