Community groups are our primary means of discipleship at Redemption Church. The Bible tells us that all believers been snatched out of darkness and into light and brought into the family of God. We have been placed in a body of believers and are living life together, exalting Jesus. Community groups allow people to be discipled and to live life with one another, with opportunities to use their gifts to serve one another. Our vision is to have groups meeting all over the city, where people can have relationships that are centered around Jesus and show love to one another in practical ways. We hope to see each person who comes to Redemption Church getting involved in a community group where they can grow in their relationship with Jesus and experience true fellowship with other Christians. Weekly community group meetings are a great place to be able to ask questions about the Bible or Christianity in a smaller setting. In the Bible, we see the church eating together, praying together, meeting each other’s needs, and living their lives to glorify Jesus--which is exactly what these groups are all about!

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