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As a church, we are going to be taking the first Wednesday in every month to fast and pray individually. We chose this day because many pastors and churches in the area are also setting this day aside to pray. At Redemption Church, we highly value prayer and incorporate prayer in all we do, and we know God works in mighty ways when we bring our needs to Him. This is a special opportunity to be unified with our brothers and sisters in Christ and lift of the needs of our community, our church, our leaders, and the world together. We would love for you to participate THIS WEDNESDAY and choose one meal to fast at home or work and focus that time to pray. Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

- Pray for church leadership and their families: spiritual vibrancy, physical health and emotional strength

- Pray for our Redemption Church family: for spiritual growth and maturity, healing and provision for those in need, and continued growth as new people come to know Jesus

- Pray for the lost in our community: to know the love of Jesus and follow Him

- Pray for the worldwide church: for protection, encouragement, and strength to follow Christ

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