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4 Resources To Help You Grow by Travis Sinks

Jesus warned the crowds that followed Him in Luke 14:25-33, that they should count the cost of following Him. He compares it to building a tower and making sure you have enough resources and man power to build it fully, so that you do not get halfway and realize that you can’t complete it.

To follow Jesus requires all of our life, for the rest of our life.

As you are on your journey of following Jesus, there’s so much to learn, and apply from Jesus, but as a pastor, I want to give you as many resources as I can to help you in that process.

This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive, but to help you realize how many resources are accessible to us today. There are endless podcasts and books - but sometimes that can be overwhelming. So, rather than giving you endless options, here are four resources to help you learn and apply as you follow Jesus.

NOTE: These are meant to compliment your time in community with others Christians (discipleship) and time gathering together on Sunday services or other gatherings. Nothing can replace your time with other believers, just like nothing can replace your prayer life and Bible reading.

Podcast/Audio Sermons

At Redemption Church, we have all of our past sermons online for you to listen to. We currently have 9 full books of the Bible that we’ve studied through and multiple topical sermons series through sections of scripture.

You can find all of these on our teaching page, or you can subscribe to the Sunday sermons on iTunes or Google Play.

3 Minute Messages

In addition to full sermons, we’ve also started our “3 Minute Message” series last summer. This allows for briefer overviews of scripture as we talk about the overall message of each chapter in a book of the Bible in under 3 minutes. Currently we’ve gone through 4 books of the Bible and we’ll continue to add to that list. You can find all the past 3 Minute Message on our website, or subscribe to them on iTunes or Google Play.

Blog Posts

For the last few years, Redemption Church has kept up an ongoing blog in order to be a resource on a variety of topics. On our blog page you can find the most recent posts, look at the most recent few by specific authors, and search through the blog archive for a specific subject. You can even subscribe to our blog via email so that you never miss a post.

Additional Resources Page

As a general addition to the options above, Redemption Church has also included an Additional Resources Page with a variety of helpful links and downloadable content.

The things you can find on these pages are:

  • Topical Bible study worksheets
  • Baptism information sheet
  • Start to follow PDF workbook
  • Links to free Bible study websites
  • Links to free Bible apps
  • Through The Bible reading plan and study guide
  • Spiritual gifts PDF book
  • Spiritual gifts online test
  • Suggested church podcasts to listen to
  • Recommended books to purchase

As mentioned above, there are so many resources available to us that we can easily quit before we’ve even begun, but there’s nothing to replace the time invested in learning more of God’s Word and desiring to see Jesus more clearly and follow Him more diligently.

I hope those resources encourage and enhance your walk with Jesus.

Press on and continue to follow Him!

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