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LIVE Q&A On Prayer with Pastor Pilgrim Benham & Pastor Daniel Williams

Pastor Daniel and his friend and fellow pastor Pilgrim Benham take your questions on FB Live about prayer. This is a recording of the live Q & A from July 3. From the meaning of prayer itself to what Jesus was telling us about prayer in Matthew 6, known as The Lord’s Prayer. Pastor Daniel talks about his own simple definition of prayer: “Prayer is talking to and listening to God.  It’s a conversation.” We all have access to the same God. God is our heavenly father. He loves for us to talk with him.  Some of the questions they answered from the FB audience include: Does the amount of time and/or emotion affect the outcome of your prayers? Because of God’s sovereignty, how can our prayers affect his perfect will? Is it important to have a specific place to pray? These and other aspects of their own personal practice of prayer, the value of prayer in community, along with a few recommendations for books to read about prayer, will give you great encouragement in your prayer life.

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