Trusting God and Taking Steps of Faith

The Valenzuela family had already left the United States and moved to Spain to plant a church. Tiffany Valenzuela shares her journey from fear to faith as she wrestled with God to trust Him in moving from a place of relative comfort and security where they had settled 30 minutes outside of Madrid. Now God was calling them into the inner city of Madrid itself. With their budget barely keeping up with their current expenses, the move to Madrid where rents were double, if you could even find anywhere to live, seemed impossible. Plus the kids were happy in good schools. But on a bike ride one day, God spoke clearly to her heart and listened patiently to all her objections, then waited for her to surrender in faith. If God could provide for them in many other difficult situations they had encountered, He would provide for them now. Taking steps of faith resulted in an apartment opening up and God miraculously providing the resources to move. “We can trust our Father, and He’s going to provide for our needs. These steps of faith really do please Him. That’s His beautiful heart for faith.” Find the Valenzuelas in Madrid at www.vtribe4jesus.com

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