Esteban is very clear about the calling of God in his life. “God led us [he and his wife, Tifini and their 3 children] out of the USA and on mission in the city of Madrid.” But it has been a long journey getting there. Esteban did not grow up in a Christian home. “At the age of 19 after a life of selfishness, substance abuse and sin, I met Jesus when my life was broken.” From that point on, his life became one of serving Jesus. He and Tifini were married in 2005 and worked together in real estate appraising while serving in their local church. Everything changed in 2009. Shortly after the birth of their first child, Esteban was falsely accused of crimes relating to his work. He was charged, arrested and released on bail to await trial. During the agony of that time, God began to speak to Esteban of the story of King Jehoshaphat from 2 Chronicles 20, a story of deliverance. God told him, “You’re going to stand still and watch me deliver you.” God held Esteban and his family together by speaking His word to them and comforting them, even though it was a very fearful time. “In 2010, God put Spain in our hearts.” For a year, he and his wife spoke to no one else about this calling. They just prayed and trusted God. But Spain came up everywhere. “God made this call inescapable.” 2011 found them still in the midst of the legal battle, being faithful to what was in front of them, suffering, trusting, growing, waiting. Their second child, a son, was born. Then in June 2012, 38 months after his arrest, all charges against Esteban were dropped, without a single word of defense from him. This was a time of great celebration. But the experience changed their lives forever. And now the question became—when is the right time to go? Through time and a series of events, a scouting trip to Spain, the birth of their 3rd child, and a trip to the Calvary Chapel Missions Conference in 2014 where the speaker mentioned Spain 30 times, they began to take concrete steps in following God’s call. In January 2015, they moved to Spain. It would be another 18 months before they got to Madrid, but these months saw God flatten obstacles and open doors that were miraculous. Today they have an apartment and a building for their church to meet, both in the heart of the city of Madrid. “Ploughing, sowing the seed, tending the ground…the work of a farmer is one of patience, endurance, sacrifice and waiting. Only God can produce the fruit. All by God’s grace, all for His glory. We would not have been able to do one single thing had it not been for Him being with us, guiding us, encouraging us. When Jesus is your treasure, it puts this world in perspective.” Perspective is something Esteban knows a lot about. You can reach Esteban and Tifini at

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