We’d like to introduce you to ESTEBAN & TIFINY

From Pastor Daniel…

Laura and I first met Esteban and his wife Tifiny at the Calvary Bible College in Murrieta, California in 2011. We spent one month living on the Bible College campus with 12 other church planters and their families. We were preparing to come and plant in Florida, and Esteban was feeling called to plant a church in Spain. It is now 5 years later, and he and his wife and 3 beautiful children have seen the Lord provide and move them to Madrid, Spain where they are now living. They are at the beginning stages of planting a church, and we could not be happier to be supporting them as a church in our prayers, encouragement, and our finances. We hope you will take the time to read a little bit of their story and begin to pray with us for them as they are following Jesus in Spain.

From Esteban…

In 2011, about a year and a half after God began to stir our hearts toward Spain, during a month long Church Planting intensive at the CC Bible College in Murrieta God began to carve out and communicate a clear and simple vision. This intensive was abundantly rich in content and encouragement provided by the Spirit of God and experienced pastors. The vision God spoke at that time was clear – CHURCH PLANTS PLANTING OTHER CHURCHES. Prior to this I had never heard such an idea. Church planting wasn’t on my radar, so needless to say neither was this simple vision. Over time God has stirred my heart beyond simple discipleship toward raising up leaders and laborers for the harvest. I am passionate about it before having ever really done it. That seems to be the pattern in my life.

Over time the vision has been brought slightly into greater focus, as God has put the urban center of the country of Spain on the map and on our hearts….Madrid. The phrase “start at the heart” has echoed and resounded in my heart and mind. With Madrid being the heart of the country of Spain, we’ve discerned God’s continued revelation to be instruction for planting a church in Madrid and a hub to train and equip saints for the work of the ministry, and then send them out to other cities and beyond, to plant other Jesus centered, Bible teaching churches.

We had the amazing opportunity to serve the Lord in Mallorca Spain, at the Santa Ponsa Community Church and extension campus of the CC Bible College under an experienced pastor who is a Spanish national that has been faithful to serve Jesus in Spain for over a decade. 

As of early 2016 we've been in Madrid getting acquainted with the lay of the land, adopting to both the city and suburban life that are so closely woven together in Madrid, and taking care of all sorts of practical matters that have taken a boatload of paperwork to get through.

As we wait for the Lord to open the door for a Bible Study we are setting our sights on getting the Spanish language down as a family. We've recently enrolled all our kids into Spanish school with the hope they can learn Spanish and we can connect with the community and other families. We are making it a priority to connect with locals by meeting them where they go, such as parks and other family gathering spots. I've been working with an amazing evangelism ministry called "on the Redbox" in central Madrid. They take their work amazingly serious, training and equipping their volunteers, praying without ceasing for the work God has called them, and teaching others to do the same. They are out in the city center six nights a week. I am going through their evangelism certification process now, and hope to work with them for years to come. 

We are eager to plant a church and start a Bible study, though we realize that it's the Lord who opens doors and build his church. So in the meantime we want to be faithful to his calling by cultivating relationships all around us, connecting with him sharing life with those we have an open door with. We have recently spoken with a few people that have expressed interest in joining us in the work the Lord has called us to here in Madrid. A future volunteer/intern program is not beyond the realm of possibility.

It is our prayer and hope that the Lord will call more servants and labors alongside of us here in Madrid. I am no apostle Paul. However as we see in scripture that the city of Ephesus was a hub for the gospel and for people getting trained and equipped for the work of the ministry. If I summarized all the call and vision I believe the Lord has spoken and communicated, I would say Ephesus. That one day there would be a hub in the central city of Madrid where a Jesus centered, gospel preaching, Bible teaching church would greatly contribute to all who dwell in the region hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

His word - His Spirit - His glory!

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