Pastor Daniel talks in depth with his dad, Pastor Joe Williams, about spiritual warfare, what it is and how it affects the daily lives of every Christian on earth. What does the Bible say about demonic activity? “The devil is real. Whatever you do for the kingdom of God, he is going to try to stop you.” Every person who lives for God is going to face opposition. But Satan is a defeated foe. God has given us the tools to fight to defeat him. Christians are a threat to Satan’s kingdom on earth and he will use everything in his power. But the power of God is greater. As Christians, we need to learn to use the weapons of spiritual warfare that God has given us. Knowing the word of God, spending time in prayer with Him, and gathering together with other believers to stand united against the enemy. “Don’t walk in fear of the devil. Fight spiritual warfare in the power of the Spirit and the word of God.” Pastor Joe gives us a great encouragement to walk in the power of the name of Jesus Christ. You’ll be blessed!

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