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Pastor Daniel talks with fellow church planter Pastor Cameron Barber from Calvary South Sound in Lakewood, Washington about the nature of work as worship. What is it like being a bi-vocational pastor? Cameron talks about working as an auto mechanic, landscaper, armored truck driver and courier, among other jobs he has held while also working as a pastor in the ministry. How does he see work as something of value? What does the Bible tell us about work? “The Bible tells us that, from the beginning, Adam was working. He was naming and categorizing animals…he had responsibilities before the Fall.” The idea that work is a result of the Fall is not true. “God designed us to work. Work is not a curse.” Work has suffered as a result of the curse, but God has redeemed it for us. “It is our job to go back into that marketplace and to love people right where they are. God has redeemed work.” Colossians 3:17: “And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.” How is seeing work as worship valuable? What exactly is the value God brings when He says you can worship Him through work? Cameron shares his view of the aesthetics of work, that work is inherently beautiful because God has made it so. It’s a transformational concept that Pastor Daniel really likes a lot! Cameron says, “I will always be a bi-vocational pastor because I see the fruit of it. But I’m a pastor. The gospel is always going to come out.” Through natural interactions in the workplace, conversations happen in which Jesus and the gospel are reasonable. Because you are putting it back out there for people to hear. Paul did this all through the book of Acts. He was the first bi-vocational pastor. He made tents for a living. “God opens doors everywhere. And it is probably the most effective tool for the gospel, for missions, on the planet.” What are the effects of approaching work as worship, God using us where He has placed us in the marketplace? Pastor Cameron shares his heart for the mission field of America. “In reality the greatest mission field is here at home. And it is accessible through work.” What are some practical tips for approaching work as worship? Understand that your purpose in life is to glorify God in all you do. Be the best employee you can be. Realize people are broken. Listen to them. Tell people you work with that you love Jesus and live for Him. Be open to the opportunities God puts in front of you. “It is amazing the number of times you can connect what people are sharing with you to the gospel. That’s God. I don’t do that. It’s Him.” Some people won’t want to hear it, but it’s not our job to look at the result. It’s our job to plant the seeds of the gospel. Be encouraged by this great message as you go to work this week, or even today, May you do it for God’s glory.

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