Social media is here to stay. But how can we use it to grow stronger in our relationship with Jesus and other people? We hear a lot about the abuses of social media. Are there good things about being on Facebook and Instagram, things we can make use of as we walk by faith alongside one another as believers all over the world? God led Esteban Valenzuela and his family to leave their home in Southern California and move to Madrid, Spain to do the work of ministry there. “God made it clear: This is the only place I have for you. It’s Spain.” Social media has enabled the Valenzuelas to stay connected with family and friends, and to reach out to those who read their blog and see their posts about their struggles as missionaries far from home. “It’s about connectivity. There’s the young generation…everyone is flocking to this technology. It’s a way to be part of this movement to reach the people on the other end of their smart phones, their devices.” Catch up with the Valenzuelas at

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