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“My name is Mike Fricano, I am 62 years of age. I was raised in the Catholic faith and have always considered myself a Christian. My core values were instilled at an early age in my life: work hard and you will prosper, success will follow. The harder I worked, the job promotions came quickly, as did the rewards. Finance wise, I have lived a comfortable life, good health, and a stress free life, married over 40 years to my wife, Janet, admitting that I was fine without God. I happened to be channel surfing one day, and ran across an evangelist preaching about what happens after you die, and eternity. I spent some time and did some serious soul searching. That night, I prayed to God and ask the Holy Spirit to come in my heart and to change my life. My prayer was answered. I never read or understood the Bible, until now! I have a clear vision on God’s plan for me. Before, there was considerable doubt in my mind about where I was going to spend eternity. There is no doubt in my mind now, because I trust Jesus. I believe that Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross for our sins and rose again. I believe that we will have everlasting life if we believe and trust in him. It’s simple, ask yourself where do you want to spend eternity? I found Redemption church by doing research about a Christian-based church here in Delray Beach Florida. What a blessing it has been. I really enjoy the church members and the teachings that Pastor Daniel shares on Sundays.”       

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