Kristan's Testimony.jpg

“So this happened to me during a therapy session a few months back - my own therapy session; I was the client, not the counselor. I was feeling downcast and discouraged and it became clear it was frustration about myself and the way I was handling things, thinking about things, responding to things etc. I was explaining to the therapist how discouraged I felt and overwhelmed. I was going back over how I was feeling and explaining to her that the worst part of the discouragement was that I didn’t like who I was, which felt even more discouraging. But the Holy Spirt then said to me that I needed to yield to Him. It’s as if the Gospel became real again, front and center, in that moment. It’s quite true - I don’t like who I am in my flesh; in fact there’s nothing good there, but I do like the new creation Christ has made me to be, which is reflected most clearly when I am yielded and obedient to Him.”

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