Our Mission

At Redemption Church, our mission is to Pursue & Proclaim Jesus. We accomplish this through our four main focuses: Sunday Mornings, Community Groups, Leadership Development, and Outreach. Everything we do as a church comes from one of these main sections. We desire to gather together on Sundays to worship and hear the public proclamation of God’s Word, we gather together in Community Groups to encourage, and pray for each other, while also living life together through each other’s joys and struggles. We also desire to specifically build up people in the church who are called lead in larger capacity at Redemption Church by focusing on Leadership Development. Each of these three things are meant to build up and encourage the current Christians that gather together at Redemption Church Delray Beach.

However, God has called us to not only build up each other, but to reach outside our four walls and show the love of Jesus to our local community and all those we come into contact with. We do this through Outreach. Sometimes this means that we host a booth during a city event, other times we run shoe drives, or help the local food kitchen, but it’s not limited to organized group events. Outreach is also a daily activity that every Christian should be engaging in. Paul teaches that we are ambassadors for Christ in our everyday life, and therefore, we never “clock out” of our Christian life (2 Corinthians 5:20).

One way we, as a church, will be equipping ourselves to show the love of Christ to people throughout our day is through our new “Love On Display” cards.

As a Christian, we should be living lives that cause people to ask: “Why?”. People should wonder why we would desire to help them when they can’t pay for their groceries or why we would comfort them when they are obviously having a hard day or why we would go out of our way to help them when their car is on the side of the road. However, sometimes, we can’t always find the words to share why we do what we do, or maybe there’s no time to. We want to help reach out to our community through our actions of love, and we want them to know why.

These cards simply say that Jesus has come to give us life, and life abundantly. The back of the card tells the reader that your act of love towards them was to remind them that Jesus loves them, that He has a great plan for their life, and that He desires them to know HIm. The cards also direct readers to visit "www.redemptiondb.com/love”. This webpage explains the Gospel and invites them to accept Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior.

We desire for Delray Beach to be one of the most well loved cities in the world because we are a people who have been saved and redeemed by Jesus, Who first loved us, and we want the people of Delray Beach to have the opportunity to know Him as well.

So please, keep some cards on you and be looking for opportunities to love the people around you. God has prepared good works for you in advance that you might walk in them, so enjoy the supernatural opportunities God provides for you to love people in your very normal, daily situations.

-Pastor Travis

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