I want to tell you that your story matters…

But not because it’s your story.
Your story matters because your story is a part of His story.

Our God is a story teller.
Since the beginning of creation, God has been writing the story of the world. It’s a story of love. And like every good love story, it’s filled with rejection, redemption, renewal, sacrifice, pain, beauty, and glory.

It’s a story of God creating life because He wanted to love us. And He has continued to love us even when we’ve rejected Him, scorned Him, ignored Him, fought against Him, and claimed He doesn’t exist.

He loved us so much that He sent His Son to earth to die, to pay the price of our sin and rebellion, so that we could be restored into relationship with Him. He pursued us relentlessly, and He still pursues us today.

And your story…your story is a piece of that story. It’s like one thread in a massive and intricate piece of embroidery. You won’t fully see the role that your thread, your specific color and sheen and thickness and placement of thread, is playing until the end, until you can see the masterpiece from the perspective of the Artist.

Your story is not needed because your words are special or your wisdom is special or you are special.

Your story is needed because it is part of His story and His story shows His power and His love and His glory. And when you share your story with that in mind, we can catch a greater glimpse of Him and the story He’s writing.

He’s writing a million micro stories into one macro narrative that will be revealed in heaven. Each tiny piece of the story, each of our little lives, is a piece of that story meant to bring Him glory.

There will never be enough stories and enough songs and enough art and enough words to express the fullness of God’s glory, so let’s just keep sharing our stories and get as close as we can.

Be blessed
Alesha Sinks

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