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I think that there might be some confusion about what a church plant looks like, or what mission is today.  I would like to share some things we are learning as we go along.

The first is the notion of a product.  When you think of church, what comes to your mind?  Is it four walls, pews, chairs, sound system, worship band, and pulpit?  Is it some kind of house church?  Whatever picture comes into your head, it is a physical product that took years of hard work, prayer, and God moving in a certain way, to get to that point.  Was this the only way that Jesus meant to build His church?  

Why are there no pictures this time?   Photos of church are great, and God has blessed this church plant.  But, there are things that happen that are not on film, or even part of what happens in Sunday service.  These things are the very essence of what church planting, and mission is all about.

Through working at a job outside of the church, I have been able to have many great conversations, made connections, and been able to share the Gospel with people who would not be caught dead inside the four walls of any church building.  Because of the nature of this job I get to talk with one person, for an entire day.  I don’t always get to share the Gospel, but there are times that the Lord opens a door and softens someone’s heart to let me speak truth into their life.  

There are certainly incredible things that God does during church gatherings, but I have seen God do much more that cannot be expressed in pictures.  Things like, conversations with homosexuals, or with young men that have turned their back on God.  This is the very Spirit of God in motion.

Our weekly service is not very big, around 10 on a good night, but the sowing of seed is what is really exciting.  Think of a church plant like that.  It’s not taking a root bulb, or a small tree and putting it in the ground.  It’s digging a hole, planting a seed, covering it, and watering, watering, watering, watering.....

I’m telling you this to get the message out there that the mission field is outside your front door!  Jesus said that He would build His church, and the gates of Hell would not prevail against it.  He wants us to take ground, get dangerous, and love like there is no tomorrow.  Because for those without Christ, that is exactly the case.  You don’t need to be skilled in music, have a degree, or even go through a “How to” program in evangelism.  You need a spirit that is willing to submit to whatever God wants, because if enough of us submit to Him, the world will shake!   

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